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Hi, I'm Lauren

Welcome!  Nice to meet you. 

I'm an occupational therapist, optimist, catalyst, problem solver, coach and brainstormer.

I am the Director of Clinical Services at a digital health company by day and have worked in the medical device industry for over 5 years with a focus on products for patients with neurological deficits.  My consulting work has consisted of recruiting, assisting with strategy, conducting user research and creating clinical and patient advisory communities to provide ongoing product feedback. 



Corrin Godar, MS, OTR
Therapist Turned Technologist
Founder of Aging Uniquely

Lauren's ability to creatively connect the optimal people with business needs to propel the rehab tech products and services forward is impressive and valuable!

Lauren is able to simultaneously support businesses by suggesting qualified and innovative people and promote therapist's professional development in non-traditional roles.

Andrew Shirk
Digital Health Entrepreneur
Founder and CEO of CityPT

You carefully listened to my needs and connected me with the right people I needed to take CityPT to the next level.

And, you went over and above to proactively identify people that might be helpful even two or three steps down the line. I feel like a bit of an industry insider at times now. How cool is that?

Carla Macklin
Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Creator of the DirectRec App

Lauren is a true professional with deep knowledge of not only the OT and PT therapy world but also about the vast array of technological and physical products available to the therapy industry. She offers a great perspective on how technology can be used to improve care outcomes and make work more efficient for OTs and PTs.

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