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Non-Clinical Spotlight

Featured on The Non-Clinical PT

As a clinician, I enjoyed the team environment; however, constraints of practice started to wear on me. I loved working with clients, teaching and developing programming, but I recognized that there must be a better fit for my skills.

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Your Guide to Non-Traditional OT Jobs

By Meredith Castin, PT, DPT and Sarah Lyon, OTR/L

There probably isn’t an occupational therapy practitioner out there who hasn’t thought about taking a break from patient care. Life happens—you may have an injury or health condition forcing you to step away from something you love, or you may simply be feeling tired of being a traditional occupational therapist, and longing for a change. 

Assisting the Elder

Land a Tech Startup Job

Featured on the Non-Clinical PT


One of the hardest parts of landing a rehab startup job is knowing how to find the opportunities out there. While these types of roles are gradually becoming more popular as rehab tech takes hold, there aren’t nearly as many of these roles as there are clinical ones—so you need to know how to be crafty about finding and landing these roles. 

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The Intersection of Rehab and Technology

Our goal is to share knowledge with therapists on innovative technology companies that are making an impact in healthcare and demonstrate that there is a role for rehab in health tech. We hope to empower and encourage rehabilitation professionals to adopt health technology in their practice and lean into non-traditional roles – be it as a super-user, an inventor, or a designer.

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